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Create the Life You Want to Live

Create the Life You Want to Live

SKU: j4

This necklace is hand-made and provides the wearer with a sense of inspiration & determination to manifest/create the life they've always wanted.


The stones in this necklace are Laramar, Ruby Zoisite, Rutilated Quartz, & Sun Stone.


Laramar: *enlighten *heal *stimulates the upper chakras (heart, throat, 3rd eye, & crown) *peace *clarity *radiates healing & love energies *wisdom of the sea


Ruby Zoisite: *happiness *appreciation *abundance *vitality *growth *heart *divine love *individuality *connectedness *patience *passion


Rutilated Quartz: *powerful manifestation *love *clears energetic blockages *freedom *well being *clarity *strength *determination *harmony *awareness *protection


Sun Stone: *"stone of leadership" *open minded *joy *enjoyment of life *uplifts the spirit *manifesting *wisdom *luck *good fortune

  • Refund/Returns

    -No refunds or exchanges
    -Free shipping within the United States through the USPS (Handmade Products only)

  • Cleansed & Charged

    All items are cleansed through smudging with Sage and/or Palo Santo and then charged with Reiki before being sent to the recipient. 

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