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I saw Rachel for a 1 hour Holistic Massage session and felt so great afterwards! The best I’ve felt in probably 2 years since having a baby. She really focused on all the areas I was having pain in and I walked out pain free. Her place was clean, relaxing, and had a great atmosphere. I would highly recommend her and any of her services!

Danielle R.

Rachel does amazing work. She is very intuitive and always works from her heart. After the last year of receiving Holistic Massages from her, she has learned my specific needs and focuses on where my tight muscles need it the most. Even though my upper back is always so tight she gets in there with enough pressure to release my back and somehow still makes it a relaxing experience. I always leave from our sessions floating out the door. She always makes me feel safe and taken care of. Thank you Rachel!


My first ever Reiki session with Rachel was a very positive experience! She created an environment that was calming and soothing from the moment I walked in and allowed me to settle in before we got started. While I lay comfortably on the table, she worked on balancing my Chakras and took note of the areas that needed extra attention. I felt energy swirling within and around me, and experienced sensations and visions of people in my life (past and present) as she worked on both the right and left sides of my body. By the end of our session, I felt very relaxed and peaceful, and what I appreciated was she allowed me extra time afterwards and offered a light snack so that I was grounded, centered, and nourished enough to continue with my day. Also, as a side note, I had happened to be scheduled to do  public speaking engagement later that evening and I felt very present and calm when I gave my presentation; I don’t doubt that my Reiki session greatly contributed to it.


I feel like a new woman after each session with Rachel. She knows exactly what my body needs to relax. From pressure points, to knots, to finding out where I hold stress, Rachel is fantastic at her craft. Thank you for your Holistic Massaging and Reiki prowess, Rachel!


I would like to recommend Yoga Teacher Rachel! I've taken many yoga classes at various venues with many different teachers and Rachel is in my opinion the best! She has a very kind and gentle demeanor which immediately puts a person at ease. She paid careful attention to her student's positioning throughout the class and would gently advise us of correct posturing. Her voice was soft and comforting. I felt very relaxed and centered during and long after my time with her. She gets my Highest recommendation!


My Reiki experience with Rachel was awesome! I've done it multiple times and every time seemed to release stressful toxins. It's really cool because everywhere she felt something (my feet one time for example) we talked about it afterward and it was totally related to what I wished I could do or what I'm struggling with. Totally recommend!


I went and had reiki done for not only physical pain but emotional pain as well. The intellectual side of me was skeptical, however the spiritual side of me was more open!  45 minutes later, I am a believer. Loved everything, Rachel is amazing


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