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Our Services

Designed With You In Mind


Private Yoga

Surrender to Your Practice

Customized and personally designed yoga classes just for you. Perfect the basics or expand your practice. Set specific goals and plans or take your practice to a deeper level. Receive guidance, direction, and support for your practice.



Energy Healing

Reiki is a healing system used to increase awareness, insight, wisdom, and personal growth. Reiki promotes feelings of contentment and relaxation and decreases feelings of stress, fear, and anxiety. Reiki also aids in the reduction of physical illness and persistent conditions.


Holistic Massage

Energetic Touch

Unlike a typical massage, this experience encompasses the use of touch and gentle pressure through the hands and energy in the form of reiki to create treatment for your mind, body, and spirit. A well-rounded, holistic approach that relaxes both the body and the mind and clears out any energetic blockages to open your system for healing and health.


Distance Reiki

Energy Healing In Your Own Space

Distance Reiki is a technique used to enhance the healing of a person or animal that not physically present in the practitioner's location. 
It works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity: Because we are all energy matter and energetically connected, a distance reiki session allows the practitioner to link to the energy field of the recipient. 
A distance reiki session is usually given while you are in your home (preferably sitting and relaxed), and your Reiki practitioner is elsewhere.

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