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I am of Earth and Spirit

I am of Earth and Spirit

SKU: j3

This necklace is hand-made and has a grounding, Earth-bound energy yet is uplifting and free flowing as well. A perfect balance. 


The stones in this necklace are Black Tourmaline, Dalmatian Jasper, & Blue Lace Agate. 


Black Tourmaline: *grounding *protection *banish negative energy *purification & cleansing *stability *psychic shield *balance 


Dalmatian Jasper: *sense of playfulness *lighthearted *joyfulness *loyalty *commitment *tranquility & wholeness *protection *balances yin & yang


Blue Lace Agate: *"stone of communication" *confidence *cleanses & stabilizes the aura *peace *calm *emotional healing

  • Refund/Returns

    -No refunds or exchanges
    -Free shipping within the United States through the USPS (Handmade Products only)

  • Cleansed & Charged

    All items are cleansed through smudging with Sage and/or Palo Santo and then charged with Reiki before being sent to the recipient. 

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