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I am powerful, resilient, & free to be

I am powerful, resilient, & free to be

SKU: j5

This necklace is hand-made and allows the wearer to feel powerful in their own skin, just as they are. 


The stones in this necklace are Angel Aura Quartz, Tiger Eye, Grey Banded Agate, & Green Rutilated Quartz. 


Angel Aura Quartz: *high vibration *calm *balances all chakras *harmonizes the mind, body, & soul *healing on all levels *uplifting *joy *channeling *communication


Tiger Eye: *self confidence *inner strength *resilience *will power *good fortune *perspective 


Grey Banded Agate: *calm *soothing *comfort *aids those who have suffered trauma *confidence *grounding *clarity *balance


Green Rutilated Quartz: *protection *inner power *success *confidence *soul healing *freedom *well being

  • Refund/Returns

    -No refunds or exchanges
    -Free shipping within the United States through the USPS (Handmade Products only)

  • Cleansed & Charged

    All items are cleansed through smudging with Sage and/or Palo Santo and then charged with Reiki before being sent to the recipient. 

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