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The love & light in me, honors the love & light in you

The love & light in me, honors the love & light in you

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This necklace is handmade and is filled with divine energy & the connection between one and the divine -the connection to all. Namaste <3  


The stones in this necklace are  Amethyst, Amber, Prehnite, & Citrine.


Amethyst: *protection *purification *divine connection *clears energy shield of negative influences & attachments *aids in the decision making process *spiritual wisdom 


Amber: *light & warmth (solar energies) *clarification *healing the self *happiness *increases life force energy *inner freedom *positive thinking *prosperity *creative self expression  


Prehnite: *heals the healer *inner peace *unconditional love *deep meditation *connection to your higher self *protection *divine manifestation


Citrine: *joy *abundance *clarity *"the prosperity stone" *vision & willpower *"the sunshine stone" *helps with envisioning your goals & pursuing them

  • Refund/Returns

    -No refunds or exchanges
    -Free shipping within the United States through the USPS (Handmade Products only)

  • Cleansed & Charged

    All items are cleansed through smudging with Sage and/or Palo Santo and then charged with Reiki before being sent to the recipient.

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